FIFA Ultimate Quaran-Team

Introducing the FIFA Ultimate Quaran-Team Tournament

FIFA Ultimate Quaran-Team

What is the FIFA Ultimate Quaran-Team?

This is a 128-team tournament that is being played on the popular football video game FIFA 20. The tournament was organized by English League Two club Leyton Orient after leagues in the UK and worldwide were postponed due to Corina Virus.

Teams from leagues such as Serie A, the Eredevisie, La Liga, and all four English leagues, USA, Australia and Russia are taking part in the competition. The idea is to give the fans some entertainment while also raising money for lower-league clubs at risk of going out of business due to postponements.

As well as top clubs, West Ham, Man City and Newcastle United, teams from Australia, Russia, and even the US will all be competing!

How does this FIFA Ultimate Quaran-Team really work?

The FIFA Ultimate Quaran-Team is a Knockout tournament, and draws be held at every round, similar to how the FA Cup operates. Therefore, with a total of 128 teams, expect like seven rounds of football action, including the Semi Finals and Final.


The tournament will kick-start on Sunday 22nd at 7 pm, giving clubs until the day before the planned date of the round of 64 to complete their opening match.

  • Round of 128 – To be played from Sunday 22nd March
  • Round of 64 – To be played from Tuesday 24th March.
  • Round of 32 – To be played from Thursday 26th March.
  • Round of 16- To be played from Saturday 28th March.
  • Quarter-finals – To be played from Monday 30th March.
  • Semi-Final – To be played from Wednesday 1st April.
  • Final – To be played from Friday 3rd April.

NOTE: Both teams involved in each individual fixture will liaise with each other to agree on a time to play. Individual clubs will then promote and stream their own games on their own channels.


  • Six minutes per half
  • Each player will play as their own team.

At Bongobongo, we are already having the FIFA Ultimate Quaran-Team on the fixture list with big odds for you to have some fun. So instead of being bored working from home, this comes a great distraction, until the leagues resume.