Dewilos Fish Farm in UGX 500 MILLION boost from Bongobongo Uganda

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Dewilos Fish Farm in UGX 500 MILLION boost from Bongobongo Uganda

The mega fish farm gives employment to so many locals at different stages from cultivating pounds. According to statistics, Fish is taken as one of the major exports. Dewilos Fish Farm will look at more than employing local dwellers, but also boosting different environmental activities as well as skilling youths.

With over 20 ponds, Dewilos fish farm looks at providing over 100,000 fish every year to capacity.

**Image: Felix Owilo, Country Manager Bongobongo Uganda

“As part of our corporate social responsibility activities that coincide with the international customer service week, we are going to dig a borehole, plant 1,200 trees all over Lira with the support of the local community, and hand over the Dewilos fish farm. The Lira CSR project is worth five hundred million Uganda shillings (UGX 500,000,000),” says Mr Owilo Felix, the country manager of Bongobongo Uganda.

**Andrew Kitamirike (holding the microphone), with the team from Bongobongo Uganda**Image: Andrew Kitamirike, Marketing Manager Bongobongo Uganda

While giving his speech, Andrew Kitamirike, the marketing manager of Bongobongo Uganda says it's a blessing and pleasure of working hand in hand with one of the biggest projects within Uganda, and they are willing to offer full support to the farm through inputs like fish feeds, free community training and called upon different youth to embrace the tree-planting drive, learn techniques from the fish farm to boost their incomes.

“I request the government not to levy taxes on animal feeds for this will raise costs of operation to local farmers,” Andrew added.

Village LC1 chairperson of Amuca Mr Okabo Walter said, the farm is a pioneer community project and they are pleased to see Bongobongo Uganda supporting Dewilos fish farm.

“I believe our youths will be the biggest beneficiary of this mega project through learning skills and the employment which will motivate them to later start up their own fish ponds,” he added.

According to Mr Okabo, the fish pond will also boost the area's tourism sector which will fetch the community income and boost infrastructure. Neighbouring villages will also learn to carry out fish farming.

The affordability of the fish will boost the dweller’s nutrition because of the availability.

Mr Okabo urged other investors to be like Bongobongo Uganda and not only milk their customers but also give back to them through different projects.

****Image: Fiona Acayo (in Blue), CEO Dewilos Fish Farm with Felix Owilo (right)

“We started in 2018, and to see this place transform from a bush to a farm with 20 ponds is a dream come true. I am so grateful to Bongobongo Uganda for believing in, and investing in the Dewilos fish farm project, benefiting different locals especially females in the community.” Said Acayo Fiona, Dewilos Fish farm CEO.

BongoBongo Uganda plans to continue supporting more fish farms around the country if the current model yields good results.

Construction of a fishpond until it is fully functional roughly costs about 10m shillings. However, supporting facilities like the cost of the borehole is at an estimated 50m shillings for a complete borehole. The borehole project will therefore roughly cost 250m shillings for the 5 boreholes that the Company intends to put up in the 5 regions of the country. BongoBongo hopes to give the communities a stepping stone on which to learn and continue to grow from.

Bongobongo handed over to the Dewilos farm project items like fish feeds, tree seedlings and solar-powered security cameras.

The deputy director of research, vetting and profiling in the office of the President Mr Enyang Alex, encouraged the local dwellers to make use of the project to acquire knowledge and skills on fish farming to increase their income per capita.

BongoBongo intends to utilize stakeholder engagement in order to narrow down which communities around the country need the services being offered. The customers and partners of BongoBongo are highly appreciated for their constant support.

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