QuickbetsUG is now Bongobongo | Bongobongo Uganda

QuickbetsUG is now Bongobongo

QuickbetsUG is now Bongobongo

We are excited to announce QuickbetsUG has now become Bongobongo.

Why change?

Because we want to bring you something big, and the QuickbetsUG suit was not big enough for us. Even Bongo was not enough, we had to make it bigger, so we made it Bongobongo!

Bongobongo is something more ... more fun, more energy, more excitement, more markets, more responsible gaming, more community, well just more Bongobongo.

Bongobongo is a feeling, it’s a way of life. Bongobongo is the extra, the unexpected. Let us take you on a journey where it is as much fun to play as it is to win.

  • Fun is good, Funfun is better.
  • Win big is good, win Bigbig is better.
  • Bongo is good, Bongobongo is better.

It’s time to get Bongobongo – are you ready?