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About us

Quick Venture Limited, a Company incorporated in the Republic of Uganda, is a technology provider specializing in e-commerce and mobile payments. As part of on-going projects, Quick Venture also provides online sports betting in Uganda via the Bongobongo brand and is fully licensed by the National Lotteries Board of Uganda.

With the advances in technology, internet speeds, mobile penetration, the Uganda market has evolved tremendously over the last few years and a new tech savvy and knowledgeable punter is emerging.

Bongobongo as a brand has positioned itself to cater for this new sophisticated and highly demanding market sector by teaming up with industry experts whose backgrounds range from corporate banking, risk management, spread markets, online sports betting and gaming to e-commerce, mobile commerce, and social marketing.

Bongobongo Uganda advocates responsible gaming with strict rules for KYC, AML built into the system and seeks to extend its corporate social responsibility (CSR) over the coming months and years to ensure that sports betting and online gaming remain a socially responsible and fun activity.

Our CSR initiatives include:

Kanungu Youth Development Association

A new website sponsored for them with online donation system: www.kayodea.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kayodea18/

Kanungu Youth Development Association (KAYODEA) is an association that was formed by a group of youth from Kanungu district in 2011. Its cardinal goal is to provide sustainable interventions to the escalating social, political and economic setbacks that have bedeviled Kanungu District. Its main objective is to raise awareness and call for effective commitment, involvement, and actions on the part of all stakeholders and partners at all levels to effectively mainstream the youth concerns in Kanungu and the community at large.


Looking to work with Drop4drop.org to extend their projects within Uganda Drop4drop funds sustainable clean water solutions to countries that need it most. We demand accountable, effective and efficient provision of clean water.

How do we achieve this? We employ local laborers and heavily involve the community in the project creating a sense of ownership and pride. We also provide maintenance training and hygiene education to ensure maximum longevity. Every project we undertake provides clean water to a community of over 1000 people who have never before had this privilege.

For all types of inquiries, comments, and suggestions related to our site or business, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at info@bongobongo.ug.

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